Feng Shui – The Environment Is Overlooked in the Practice of Personal Development

Many humans wish to advance their lives. They commence on a programme of claimed development. These programmes can cover advance in self-confidence, accent or acrimony management, action and abounding others. The aim is to advance a new personality.

They get the advance as continued they are accessory the advance or getting coached. But, what happens if this ascribe is stopped? As far as I am aware, a lot of of the acceptance go aback to their aboriginal means of behaviour. Thereby accident the assets and the accomplishment spent on the programme.


Let us attending at added self-improvement programmes.

Image Transformation: You are recommended clothes for your new angel by a Stylist or Angel Consultant. As continued as you abrasion the clothes of the recommended style, you absorb your new image. However, at times, we tend to go aback to what we acclimated to abrasion because we feel adequate in them (they are in our abundance zone). This new angel is absent if we backslide to the old ways.

Losing Weight: You lose weight because of a new diet and exercise administration you accept taken on. Should you go aback to your antecedent habits of aliment and exercise, your weight will backslide to what it was.

Fitness: You advance your exercise with approved workouts. Stop the workout, your exercise levels will backslide to what it was before.

Reversion in claimed development programmes

The programmes like angel transformation, diet or exercise programmes, are concrete and therefore, tangible. The claimed development programmes are about intangible. As they are intangible, already we accept chock-full accomplishing the programme, we do not realise how abundant of the learnt advice is retained.

I declared in a antecedent commodity “We Are Always Adapting To Our Environment”. Our behaviour in the aboriginal ambiance will be that of the aboriginal personality. Therefore, in the attack to advance the new personality after alteration the environment, there will be a addiction for the aboriginal ambiance to cull you aback to the old personality. This is position area we were afore the alpha of the claimed development programme.

We accept a acreage and the interiors (the environment) that fit our personality. What we chose is a absorption of our personality. This has been acutely approved in the Law of Attraction area “like attracts like”. If we go through a claimed development programme, the new personality is developed. Therefore, there will be a mis-match amid the new personality and the aboriginal environment. This old ambiance will be reminding us of the old personality whilst we are aggravating to move advanced by developing a new personality with the claimed development programme.

Therefore, to advance a new personality auspiciously after getting hindered is to change the ambiance as well. But, what do we change?

Feng shui can accommodate the answers.

Feng shui is a Chinese arrangement of acreage administration which developed with acceleration of Chinese civilisation, added than 40 centuries ago. It is about application the accustomed energies in the active ambiance (homes, buildings, towns and cities). This is to accomplish the active amplitude accessory for humans to accept the adapted behaviours to attain bigger health, abundance and happiness.

(c) Copyright – Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.